Sunday, 27 December 2009

Hermit Ninja

Today Gym Ninja decided not to leave the house. At all. Whatsoever. Nope.

She would stay home, tidy up, de-junk her wardrobes which are currently collapsing under the strain, photograph and eBay the stuff she didn't want any more, then tidy the house, revise and generally relax. Oh, and not forgetting her at-home workouts she'd planned.

So...that was the plan.

The reality?

Reality was, that she was woken at 8.45am by the BIN MEN! Grrrr! Now the Bin Men collect on a Friday, and obviously with it being Christmas Day, this meant no collection. But had there been notification of when it would be collected? Nope!  Well, she 'says' no, but apparently 4 houses in her road HAD put their bins out, on a SUNDAY, and it was the sound of the alcoholic households bottles clattering into the bin lorry that woke her. NOW Gym Ninja has to wait 2 weeks for the bin to get emptied-this understandably made her Grumpy Ninja for at last half the she got up and set about her 'plan' for the day. First stop, internet....

But wait! Oh bugger! Her internet connection was down, thus scuppering her hopes of mass eBay flogging. She failed to realise this until half the contents of her wardrobe were strewn across the floor. So instead she did some tidying up, which always means things get worse before they get better, no? So after an hour or two of this, she decided she was ready for her workout. That'd be skipping outside followed by a bodyrock tv workout.

Gym Ninja got her rope, got changed into her sports gear and headed into the garden.
Gym Ninja then immediately turned around and came back in. Windy weather!!!!! No good for skipping or you get smacked in the face by your rope. Oh well, the circuit would have to do....

Today Gym Ninja tried the '15 minute Hot Body Workout'. She thinks it is so called due to the fact it makes you sweat like a pig. here is the link....
15 minute hot body workout.
So...the side jump lunges were fine..but it was the evil Reptile Push Ups GN struggled with. Her body did not want to seem to lower as her knee came up to her elbow. Lazy body! But she struggled on regardless...

As usual, one of her cats came to watch. With a look of quiet disdain upon his face. he sat right in the Reptile Push Up area until I had to force him out of the way...

Luckily Gym Ninja has a JML Iron GymPull Up Bar at her home so she could happily do the Hanging Knee Raises.  They are well worth buying as they are only £30 and you can take it with you as you travel (if indeed you are weird like GN).

All in all, she had boxed off a half-decent workout burning about 100 calories within 15 minutes. Not bad going eh? Plus, she was back on the Clean Eating path again, and felt SO much better for it.

Short & sweet today Ninjarettes. Gym Ninja is hoping her new trainers and workout gear arrives in the post soon so she can test drive her kit! Oh, and at some point this coming week GN will do the obligatory Goal Setting for New Year blog.

Gym Ninja xx