Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Food On The Go!

Gym Ninja has been shopping. Food on the go. A bit of a trial of new products, as well as to stock up on her tried & trusty chunky PowerBar Protein Bars. 

It's terribly impressive when somewhere mainstream like Tesco start stocking sports and nutrition supplements. Tesco was where Gym Ninja first discovered the delectable craving-supressing Promax Crisp bars. 97p each. Bargain when it comes to trying them out. Of course, now she is addicted she no longer gets them from Tesco (unless she ran out and is awaiting delivery). No-it's cheaper to order direct. Bulk buy, especially when they are on offer direct from Maximuscle, which is most of the time.  Think the current Promax Crisp-related offer with them is that you get a box of 12 free with a tub of Promax Extreme? So what else does Gym Ninja pick up when she is in Tesco?

PowerBar Protein Plus Bars. Yum! Super chunky and chocolately dense protein bars that are perfect to stash in the glovebox or handbag. She gets Vanilla-Coconut flavour and Chocolate flavour, and they are 30% protein. Makes you rather thirsty afterwards though....maybe they are made of those little silicone sachets you find in boxes to dry stuff out??????  OK, so maybe not! £1.66 each in Tesco and about 10p more in Holland & Barretts. They say to have them post-workout, but to be fair, you're better off sticking to a protein shake you can mix up and drink down. These bars Gym Ninja eats when she needs filling up a bit! Usually when stuck in traffic on the motorway. 

Whilst at Tesco, Gym Ninja also noticed a new bar. Smaller but hell, a new flavour experience, so let's take the risk and pick up one of each flavour. Meet the Clif Bar. One in Crunchy Nut Peanut and one in Chocolate Chip. Organic too!  Gym Ninja was so keen to trial these for your reference, she accidentally ate both! One after the other. Interesting taste and consistency, if not a tad dry. Didn't taste ANYTHING like either of the flavours really, but again, if she is pushed for something it is maybe worth considering....Waaaaaaaay after all her other supplements of choice of course. Sometimes it takes trying out other supplement snacks to appreciate the ones you usually take!

Other ideal snacks to take out and about with you are 'natures own' snacks, in perfect portion sizes. For example, apples, bananas, pears. Oh and let's be honest, who doesn't like a nice pear eh? Or, if you don't want the whole 'carrying around an apple in your handbag until it rots down to a pulp' type scenario (we've all done it-even Gym Ninja!)  then pick up some 'School Bars'. Asda and Tesco sell them and they are effectively fruit squashed into a bar shape. Tastes a bit like Chewits.  Great to give to little Ninjas too, as they are more inclined to scoff them. 

If you are in need of a biscuity type snack (that is not chocolately) then take a look at Jordans Frusli (also at the supermarket). Wheat free too! Nice dunked in tea.  Hmm...Gym Ninja did have other stuff to tell you about that's fab for taking with you when you need to maintain energy levels and fuel the body (eg when driving, Christmas Shopping, working etc), but the current freezing weather has frozen her Ninja brain and so she will have to abandon her informative post today, without fully spurting out her info. Ooops! 

But before she goes, she did have an idea for a great Christmas gift to give a friend or family member who is a fitness fanatic. A Christmas Hamper filled with supplements! Either check out the websites of your favourite supplement companies and see what offers they have on right now and buy  a selection that meets their fitness goals, or just pick up some different snack and protein bars and make a fitness selection box!

EG, for someone who is trying to reduce body fat and tone up, Gym Ninja would buy Promax Diet, Thermabol and Promax Crisp bars (with maybe some CLA thrown in if she is feeling generous) and put them in a nice wrapped gift box. 

For someone wanting to build muscle and stay lean, she'd maybe buy Cyclone, Thermobol and Promax Meal Bars...perhaps with some Creatamax thrown in? Again, depends on who it is as to how much she'd buy! 

The Selection Box may have her beloved Promax Crisp bars in it with her equally loved PowerBars, maybe some Clif Bars and so on.....you get the idea. Time to get creative with your Christmas Gifts if you know for a fact they are loving their healthy lifestyle.  You don't have to buy all the stuff from one brand. You can mix and match for some variety. Go on...you must know someone who'd like that? 

OK, Gym Ninja is now frozen solid so will sign off today...... see you all tomorrow!

Gym Ninja x