Monday, 28 December 2009

Return To The Gym

First day back at the gym for Gym Ninja. Oooh, it was good to be back (well, for me anyway-not sure how others felt....well, GN KNOWS how others felt to be fair...ah well)..

Gym Ninja started the day happy due to test driving her new geeky Christmas Gift of a Teasmaid....pathetic isn't it? Yet GN is a HUGE tea addict. Proper decent tea, albeit decaf. But Santa brought her one so she set it up last night and was woken 4 minutes before the alarm by it bubbling away then decanting hot water into the teapot (bless) with a big whoosh!...The tea, although not boiling hot, was immediately drinkable...mmmmm, nice cup of tea in bed!

So, when GN FINALLY got herself ready for the gym, she again was sabotaged by a well-meaning travel agent who wanted to call her and discuss exactly how much the planned trip to Vegas would cost. Third time back to Vegas for Gym Ninja and she knows full well she can get it cheaper, so having cut off the Travel Agent, she finally headed to the gym. 

The car park was fairy full for a Bank Holiday. Lots of guilty people? As she walked in, she noticed the 'type' of person training today...ALL gym addicts. You can spot them a mile off. Allow Gym Ninja to elaborate on the types of Addicts you can spot at your local gym...

Hardcore Addicts
These have a look of sheer determination on their faces and do not even break a smile as they stomp into the gym, staring at the ground as they run through their planned workout in their head.

Cardio Addicts
Split into two sub-categories, naturally. The female cardio addicts and the male cardio addicts. Both are alarmingly skinny with little muscle definition. Once in the gym, they pick a cardio machine of preference and then take root for at least an hour. 

Iron Addicts
The non-cardio folk who stroll into the gym, doing some shoulder circles as a 'warm up' as they immediately head to the weights to get stuck in. 

Family Addicts
Rare yet they are still about. The family that train together stay together and have integrated fitness into their every day life as standard. To be applauded! Mum, Dad and kids all at the gym working out. 

Gym Ninja would probably fall into the Hardcore Addict category to be fair.  Starting off with a run, she then moved to train her upper body with weights, interspersing the exercises with either hops on and off of the aerobic step, or quick 5 minute runs on the treadmill to keep that metabolism high. Apart from doing circuits at home, GN has not worked her upper  body with weights for a whole week!

The gym was busy yet as of yet no sign of the January crowd that descend upon the gym the moment the hangover subsides. It would be interesting to know the actual conversion rate of one of these January people: How many of them actually stay and become regular gym users? Must look that up...

Once GN had completed her workout she headed back to the changing rooms, only to discover she'd left her Promax shake at home! Noooooo! NOT good! No point working the muscles and then not replenishing them afterwards.  She was then distracted by something in her eye, so she rubbed it...still something agitating it so, heading towards a mirror, Gym Ninja took a jolly good look and...


What IS that? Gym Ninja was alarmed to find a red dot in the white of her eye. OMG. Is that a burst blood vessel? Surely that last set of Skull Crushers were not that heavy????  Gym Ninja started to panic. That cannot be good-no, no!!!! Then, moments before she began to dial the NHS Helpline for advice, she rubbed her eye again...and the red dot moved. 
Turns out the red dot was in fact a small piece of chipped off nail polish Gym Ninja had been wearing.........

Gym Ninja x


Would you rather always have messy hair or always have chipped nail polish?