Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Junk Mail, Junk Food

Welcome back.
So sorry for the delay in posting today, but Gym Ninja has been posting her unworn Shinobi Shozoku Ninja evening dresses on eBay to raise some funds for Christmas.

On an entirely different note, something that has bugged Gym Ninja today is the nature of the junk mail posted through her front door. She thinks that the local Fast Food emporiums are severely missing the custom of the previous occupant of this house, who was what can only be described as a man of very large and pudgy stature. Blatantly the amount of flyers stuffed through Gym Ninja's letterbox each day indicates that perhaps Pudgy was a major source of their income each week?  They must be missing his nightly orders?  Every evening when Gym Ninja returns from a mission, she has to wade through a veritable forrest of Pizza,Chinese Takeaway/Curry House/Kebab Shop/Chip Shop flyers just to reach her living room.  There is no escape from within the free newspapers either, as this photo of a FarmFoods flyer shows.

Look at 'all the bargains' that Farm Foods want us to rush out and buy!
Frozen Chips, Breaded Onion Rings, Pizzas, Cheesecake, Chicken Dippers, Fresh Cream Eclairs....

What exactly is good value about these supposed foods? 
They appear to have taken basic vegetables and lean meat, pumped them full of chemicals, fats and other preservatives, added a hefty serving of salt and then served them up devoid of most of their original nutrients. Stuck in a box, labelled for £1 and lying in wait in the Farm Foods chiller cabinets, these 'foods' bide their time until an unsuspecting consumer reaches in, picks them up & buys them as they appear to be very good value.  Once home, the 'food' is heated up, dished up and then eaten up by the consumer and their families... Maybe even on a regular basis?  So why does this annoy Gym Ninja?

Allow her to explain. Consuming a regular plentiful supply of such items shown in the photographs above will begin to take its toll on the poor unsuspecting consumer and their families. They will possibly feel lethargic and tired, blaming their jobs or how hectic life is. They will probably start to gain weight but justify it and say it's down to their metabolism slowing down. They will even begin to suffer health issues like high blood pressure and raised cholesterol, along with joint pain that they will put down to 'getting older'. But do you know what? The lethargy and tiredness may well be down to malnutrition as they are eating empty worthless fake foods. Their weight gain will be due to high levels of saturated fats, hidden sugars and the effects of the chemicals used in the meals. That weight gain will then cause wear and tear on their joints and increase their cholesterol levels, putting them at risk of heart attacks and strokes. The high blood pressure will  be down to their weight gain and the huge quantity of hidden salt they eat....and so it continues.  But has the consumer linked what they eat with how they feel? Really? Do you think so? 

Gym Ninja thinks there is an awful lot of ignorance regarding food out there. She must stress that this is in NO WAY down to the consumer on the whole. No.  Why, unless someone brings it to their attention by education and information, would they suppose that something they can walk into a shop and buy, could cause so many problems for them? If they have always felt lethargic, struggled with their weight and had nagging aches and pains for as long as they can remember, why would they then start looking for a cause when they'd most likely attribute it to 'getting older'?

If they were a car and had a choice of filling up with quality fuel or making do with something cheap and cheerful that was made out of reconstituted cr*p that will damage the engine of their car, would they choose the latter option?  Really? Knowing the damage it would do? Stop and think for a while about how magnificent the human body is. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING that us humans can make (other than babies of course!)  that is to be used every single day for on average of 70-80 years onwards, can survive as well as the human body can.  We can't even build things that last more than a few years without collapsing can we?? Nothing we can make ourselves that may then break whilst being used on a daily basis, is capable of repairing itself in the way that our own bodies can if given half the chance and the right nutrients to do so. So if we feed our bodies with quality, balanced foods and exercise them to 'keep the machine moving', and take good care of them as best we can, then surely we reduce greatly the likelihood of things going wrong and give ourselves the most enjoyable environment to 'live' in. Think about it. Your body takes from the food you eat and the fluid you drink what it needs to keep going. If you do not feed it quality then how can it build with any quality? Yes, sometimes genetics and fate deals a blow, but isn't it worth trying to reduce your 'odds' of falling ill as best you can?


Gym Ninja certainly went off on one then, and all courtesy of a Farm Foods flyer! Ha ha. 'Farm' foods. How ironic! But you get the main thread of what is being said no? Everyone has lapses and everyone reaches for an easy option every now and then. We are humans and have commitments, time restraints, lazy moments etc. But you need to make sure you are eating healthily and sensibly for most of the time, so when that the small amount of time you do eat badly happens, it does no major harm.  You MUST take care of you. Your loved ones depend on you to take care of you. If you do not protect and nurture the very vessel in which you live, where the hell are you gonna live??????

Gym Ninja promises that her blog will not always be so heavy and serious. But you know what? If this gets just one of you thinking, and you then stop as you reach for the reconstituted chemical cack on offer in the Freezer Centre, then it's been worth it.

To finish...

'Man who eats many prunes get good run for money'

Until next time

Gym Ninja xxx