Tuesday, 22 December 2009

'The Plan'

Welcome back.

As promised, Gym Ninja is to reveal her fitness plans for over the festivities. A way of staying on track, accommodating the time constraints and social calendar that can get in the way of her usual regime, plus a fantastic way of kick-starting her enthusiasm and shock her body into responding. Always good to shake things up!

The Plan is a simple one.

At home.
Killer Circuits.

Gym Ninja will use the marvelously splendid www.bodyrock.tv website and select specific workouts from the database, and also harvest part of other workouts and mush them all together into a more individual session. This is Ninja effectively saying that she may not be able to participate totally in one of Zuzana's nightmarishly difficult sessions, so may remove some exercises and add in others...purely in the interest of staying alive you understand.  That is NOT to say GN will NOT attempt them. Oh yessireebob she will. She has already earmarked her first 'challenge'... The '500 Rep Workout'.... O.M.G. Check out the link!

Before you do (maybe GN is too late with her warning?) DO try and get past the gratuitous filming technique and Zuzana's pants and gasps. If it were not for her amazing body which in itself proves she does work hard, then it would be easy to laugh off the whole website. But all Gym Ninja asks you to do before you 'dismiss' the whole thing, is to just try one or two of the 'easier looking' moves and then make your decision.....

Some you may wish to look at (as GN has shortlisted some for now) are:

20 Minute Interval Cardio Workout
Extreme Challenge 1 (and so on)

In fact-Why not go and rummage around yourselves? If you are rummaging at work (!) then do be aware that although this IS a legitimate workout site,  any colleagues passing by and hearing gasps as a pneumonic blonde bounces her way across the screen may initially question what you are doing!  So...if at work mute the volume and men-just be aware that your mouth is most likely open as you watch the videos....

Zuzana also has various articles on nutrition on her site-Gym Ninja has not perused them all just yet but plans on doing so. It is always worthwhile to read and learn and then form your own opinions. Gym Ninja, having not yet read everything on this site, cannot say if she agrees with it yet ok?  But one article you may all find useful is the one entitled '5 Ways to Explain Real Food'. This is ideal for us fitness folk who constantly have to justify why they eat how they do....

Good heavens! GN is apparently doing some sort of advertisement for Bodyrock TV! Or so it seems. But no-she is merely spreading the word on sites that may help you stay on track over the festivities AND all year round. This is not to say GN won't be at the gym. She will. But she will also be trialling these circuits too....be prepared for the write ups after the various workouts and learn (no doubt) from Gym Ninja's mistakes!!!!

As an additional tip, the Bodyrock site also has still photographs of the exercises with descriptions that really help when you cannot see the correct 'form' for Zuzana's jiggling and panting. You may also use the camera on your mobile to video off the screen some of the moves of the exercises you cannot remember-you can then watch them at the gym or wherever you are working out to remind you how it is done again.

Before she goes, GN may as well remind you about Podcasts that she listens to. Podcasts are free and easily downloaded onto your mp3 player. Top of her list relating to diet and fitness are:

The FitCast
Turbulence Training
Ask Leigh

All found in iTunes and all worth a listen when training at the gym/driving on the motorway/cleaning the house/walking the dog. Sometimes it's tough when you do not know many like-minded people around you, so listening to others enthuse about the things you enthuse about can help you through those moments of 'why do I bother?'

Right-Gym Ninja has work to do. She may well attempt one of the circuits later and report back (if still alive) tomorrow.

Before she goes, she would like to know...

"Would you rather look lie a snowman or look like an elf?"

Gym Ninja x