Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Seasons greetings to you all....

Gym Ninja shall be brief today-well........actually she   she will be brief, but she may well end up rambling...?

So today is Christmas Day, & Gym Ninja had decided to allow herself a couple of days of Muggle food. That would be food that 'normal' people eat all the time that Gym Ninja doesn't usually eat. Rev up the metabolism, allow her to enjoy the festivities and so what did Gym Ninja start her day with?

Promax strawberry protein blended with water, frozen mango and frozen summer berries. Mmmm. May as well start healthily.  Then she decided to recreate the Monroe curls and spent all morning waiting for her rollers to set. Minutes before leaving the house, she took out the rollers and....


Hair disaster!
Gym Ninja then had to quickly wash and blow dry her hair before finally setting out to visit family. After all, Santa does not visit Gym Ninja directly but instead dumps her gifts at her parents house.

By the time she had visited two households & stopped off to open her presents, some of which consisted of a beautiful red enamel bracelet,    a teasmaid (YAY!) a combined E-Z bar and Triceps Bar for her spinlock weights, plus a protein bar (which she promptly ate!), she was upset to discover it was now 2pm and she had not yet eaten like a Muggle! Grrrr!

 The beautiful enamel sparkly bracelet
She sat down to dinner at her sisters house. Jacket spuds, veg, turkey and ham. Hmmm, not exactly mega sinful is it? It tasted great though, for all of 2 seconds until the spud welded itself onto the roof of her mouth & burned off a layer of skin!  OK, so with no sinful stuff yet, the pudding would surely be different?

Annoyingly, the ginger Christmas cake she'd slaved over on Christmas eve was only sampled by her mother, and everyone else plumped for shop-bought carrot cake and bowls of Birds Custard. Mmm, custard! Gym Ninja had baked some healthy desserts which she shared with her sister, her brother in law and herself.  Chocolate Pear Crisp which tastes like crumble but is wheat free and has no saturated fat in it (check out the link)! She tried to add to the sin by adding custard yet everyone had cleared it out, leaving her with 3 spoonfuls of it to drizzle.

By 4pm GN was getting annoyed! How can one binge and then appreciate how much better she feels when eating clean, if she cannot binge? That was it! She went hunting and found a box of chocolates at her sisters house. She wolfed down 2 of the caramel squares (she is a caramel girl at heart), a fudge, a turkish delight and a strawberry cream. Good! She had started to feel icky.

After dropping her mum off, she then raided her mum's jar of Quality Street (hmm, the keepsake tins must have been sold out?) and snaffled the chocolate delux toffees, scoffed them along with some plain chocolate, then wolfed down 3 miniature hero Mars Bars (and yes, felt like a giant). YAY! Job done.

Gym Ninja now feels like cr*p!

So, with a scalded sore roof of the mouth, plus a nasty sugar slump, GN is now thinking she may need a fruit smoothie? With a scoop of fibre in it?  Gym Ninja has one more day of crap eating and then will beback on track. Cannot WAIT! Tomorrow, Boxing Day, weather permitting, GN will head out for a run...

So.......did Santa bring you anything nice? Did you binge? How long do you plan to 'slip off' the straight and narrow??????

See you tomorrow fellow gluttons!!!

Fat Gym Ninja xxx