Thursday, 13 May 2010

Blog post without a name


Gym Ninja's brain appears to have shut  down.  Today has been a total waste of space in terms of trying to get anything major done to sort out the new jobless state. WAIT! No, scrap that. GN has spoken to a Recruitment Guy today about meeting with a company who sold as a competitor to Gym Ninja's last company. Interesting that they have approached Gym Ninja eh? How odd that the call came to her work phone the day after she was...ahem....fired!??

Before GN forgets, she'd just like to thank everyone who managed to track her down and send emails of support regarding the news about her job...or, as a close friend said today on the phone to Gym NInja as they were discussing it...
"From now on I shall refer to this as 'The Sacking'".

Cheers yeh thanks! When Gym Ninja mentioned how insensitive that may sound, her friend then told her that the original idea was to refer to it as 'The Termination'  (referencing the terminology in the letter) so in fact 'The Sacking' was, in her opinion, a more sensitive phrase...

Gym Ninja has now decided to create her own terminology for 'The Sacking', perhaps in an attempt to make it sound a little less traumatic, and will ponder various options as she types........

Anyway, Gym Ninja is pin-balling all over the place and WAS thanking those Ninjarettes who managed to surreptitiously follow a very obvious (to be fair) trail and passed on messages of support to her. Big Ninja hugs to you all (please mind the numb arms though eh?) it is MUCH appreciated and unexpected but fab!

Okey what else happened only a few hours ago? Hmm, well Gym Ninja went to see the Dr. A different one this time but wanted to ask to proceed with the Physio to sort her arms and neck/back ache out as it hasn't disappeared despite the fact that the Blandmobile has!

"I need to arrange some physio as suggested by your colleague please" Explained Gym Ninja to the Dr as she reiterated the medical background to her condition.

"I asked my employers if I could see an Occupational Health Expert to assess my driving position as directed by the other Dr I saw...and then 3 days later I WAS SACKED!"

Gym Ninja paused here for maximum effect and to allow the Doctor to gasp in shock himself.

No gasp came.

Hmm, maybe he hadn't heard Gym Ninja say she was sacked?  So the Dr decided to do his own examination of GN and commented on her prominent Cervical Vertebrae, but then said that may be due to the fact that GN is 'slight'.
Gym Ninja lifts weights! She is not SLIGHT!

Anyway, the Dr then decided that he would test Gym Ninja's reflexes.....he got his hammer out (if you pardon the expression). Well, actually it was more like a lollipop on a long stick, and made GN sit with her hands resting on her knees whilst he hit her elbow area front/back on both sides to test for a response.


Hmm, what was supposed to happen?

*Thwack thwack*

He hit her again, and this time GN couldn't help but notice that as the hammery thing bounced off her arm, it rebounded against her right boob! of course, being British, both GN and the Dr pretended it hadn't happened..  He then went to the next arm and did the same..


This time the hammery thing really smashed into her left boob in a comedy-style fashion...

"Oh dear, sorry about that!" Said the Dr, before suggesting GN reposition her arms.

To cut a long story short he has prescribed Physio and thinks something in GNs neck is impinging some nerves. Fab. Not! He then said he would refer GN for an MRI scan 'to see what's going on in her neck'.

*Sad face*

So.......Gym Ninja thinks it wise to take the rest of the week off from exercise. Her body and mind (AND left boob to be fair!) have been through a lot this week. The rest time will help her hit the gym stronger and refreshed next week and hopefully see her gains kick-start again.  It will also give her time to work on her plan of action too.

After the Doctors, Gym Ninja met up with her sister and 2 year old niece for a nice cup of tea at a restaurant.  Gym Ninja sat down and took her coat off.

"Oooh I like your top!" Said her Niece, before stroking Gym Ninja's left boob. WHAT is it about Gym Ninja's boobs today? Are they magnetic? ARe all ships now being pulled in the direction of Gym Ninja's boobs due to some sort of magnetic pull effect on their compasses? Gym Ninja thought it best to distract her niece so patted her knee and said,

"Come on! Do you want to sit on my knee?"

Gym Ninja's niece shook her head, no she didn't want to, and as she walked away, Gym Ninja heard the old man sitting behind her say

"I'll sit on yer knee love!"


Ok, so back to ideas of what Gym Ninja can refer to 'The Sacking' as, to make it less traumatic. The short list of phrases is thus:


Baby Hippo



Fondant Fancy.

A decision will be made shortly........

This month it is exatly one whole year since Gym Ninja last ate a sweet.  After scoffing a bag a day for her entire life, she stopped, cold sweetie-turkey, bam! The Maximuscle Body of 2009 competition was her reason for quitting, but look! SWEET FREE!!!!!!!!! For an entire year! Now THAT is an achievement eh??

Gym Ninja x