Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday Snooze day

OK Ok, so Gym Ninja obviously has a problem getting up on time at weekends lately, as yet again she found herself running late for the planned Gym Session. Of course, having a sudden urge to exfoliate using 'Hot Butter Fudge' scented exfoliation scrub in the shower may have slowed her down somewhat...but what are you supposed to do if you suddenly feel 'rough'?

Galloping yet again to the gym, half asleep and with no energy shot drink to quaff, meant GN wasn't looking forward to an hour of Extreme Spin Climb. The day after Leg Training too....badly planned.

Once in the Spin Studio, Gym Ninja found herself wit verbal procrastination disease..helpfully pointed out to her by Dangly Cross Man who mentioned how much GN was making excises and moaning before the class had even started. Yup! Too right!
Tiredness + Knackered legs = Moany Ninja.

And thus followed an hour that saw Gym Ninja with legs on a 'go-slow'.
MOVE faster legs!
"Shan't" They said, on their Go-Slow protest.
It's times like this that GN wishes they made Tandem Spin Bikes, so she could hop onto the back of someone elses.....

Staggering out of the hour class, Gym Ninja discovered she'd missed a call from Tara. That was a nice surprise. Tara & Gym Ninja had discovered each other when entering the Maximuscle Body of 2009 competition & stayed in touch. In regular email contact yet never actually spoken.until today. Tara had gone on a food-run for her family & wasn't about to scoff a  'definitely no not hers, really honestly not hers it is someone elses no I swear its not mine I have something else to eat and mmm'.. Panini (haha Tara you SO knew I'd wind you up about that!)  So Gym Ninja chatted to Tara whilst refuelling after the tough Spin Session and before starting the upper body weights session.

By now GN needed to rattle through her weights due to time constraints, & was only distracted twice...once by a girl on the seated row machine who dragged the handles back with all her might...and then found herself almost parallel to the floor she'd moved away from the pad and was leaning back so far. Hmm, that's NOT working your back muscles lady!  The second distraction was a girl who was doing all manner of old-school style ab work whilst wearing dark denim mid-thigh length shorts. The type you'd wear outside of a gym. How odd!

As Gym Ninja replaced a set of dumbbells between exercises, she happened to peer out of the window that overlooked the pool. In the Hydro Pool (aka giant jacuzzi) was a guy with his back to the large water jet. That'd be a HAIRY back. Yes, SO hairy that GN could see it all in great detail despite being a level up and far away......eww. Just when Gym Ninja was thinking how horrid a back full of thick black hair looked, something horrid happened.........the huge fan of water switched on (hence why the guy was below it waiting) and the jet of water parted the hair on his back like a hairy old parting of the Red Sea.

After the gym, the next stop was to good old Sports Direct to pick up some last minute 'accessories' for the photoshoot next week.

  • Lime Green legwarmers: Check! 
  • Red Boxing Gloves: Check!
  • Backless (!) weights gloves: Check!
  • Day Glo 80's style wrist sweat bands: Check!
Well, Gym Ninja isn't really sure what her look will be in some of the photos so may as well blow all of £17 on a mad assortment eh?(yep she got a whole bag of stuff, including the boxing gloves, for that!).

So now Gym Ninja is sat down wondering what to cook up for dinner? Maybe some more turkey stir fry? Her latest craze? Or something easy and quick like steamed veg and cottage cheese? Hmm, in retrospect stir fry is kind of easy and quick too.......decisions decisions decisions.......

Ahhh what the hell.......Stir Fry it is.......

Have a good Sunday people! Remember.....eating clean keeps you lean!!!!!! Yum!

Gym Ninja x