Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Busy Bee Ninja

How can Gym Ninja BE this busy?
Gym Ninja has no job. Yet is busier than ever? Go figure.

Today GN realised she'd forgotten to blog yesterday, but to be fair had again had a run in with 2 spiders of gigantic proportions that day and so was a tad flustered. One spider the size of a dinner plate was spied hanging around on the bathroom wall near the sink (now drowned in a crumpled tissue down the u-bend). The second spider which was approximately the size of Switzerland, was seen galloping at speed towards the sofa Gym Ninja was sat on, only to magically fold up, origami style, to get underneath it!!!!!! That spider is still alive somewhere, multiplying into billions of babies that will attack GN as she sleeps........

Then yesterday Gym Ninja had to pootle off to get her hair cut. Yeh GN has no job/income but she sure as hell cannot have hair that grows outwards like a mushroom!  As Gym Ninja meandered to the hairdressers, she was snapped out of her daydream by a man walking past who'd stared at GN, growled, winked and barked like a dog at her.


What IS the actual protocol in such a situation? It was definitely supposed to be a 'compliment' as opposed to barking and insinuating Gym Ninja WAS a dog (she hopes), but all the same? Should Gym Ninja

A)  'Pat' the man?
B) Throw the man a dog biscuit?
C)  Mess up the mans ears and throw him a ball to chase?
D) Grab a plastic bag, grit her teeth and 'clean up' after the man?
(please do not let it be D)

Luckily...he walked off......PHEW! THAT could have been awkward eh?

Once at the hairdressers, Gym Ninja and Hair Girl (the hairdresser) exchanged freaky 'It could only happen to me' stories. Apparently, last week Hair Girl ended up inadvertently changing a mans appearance for him before half way through his extreme colour change, having him admit that he was on fact on the run from a mental prison facility because he stabbed his dad with a knife by accident.

"I tried to say sorry but he'd already died" Explained the Fugitive.
Hair Girl nodded and eyed up the scissors sitting far too close to the man...

OBVIOUSLY Hair Girl won this months 'It could only happen to me' Game although GNs sudden sacking (Fondant Fancy) from her job did come close.

So... today Gym Ninja found herself spending the ENTIRE Day trying to create a flyer to be placed on Facebook and mailed to friends advertising her Personal Training Services.  Sounds like it should be a short job eh? Annoyingly, Gym Ninja is a perfectionist when it comes to such things which meant lots of layout changes, faffing on Fotolia ( a website quality photos can be purchased from) and so on until about 5 hours had passed. maybe Gym Ninja had been multi-tasking too? Yes the flyer was time consuming, however it hadn't helped that GN was sat by her Mac, Facebook & Twitter open, emails flying all over the place, texts, phone calls.....oh and let us not forget the general browsing of the internet for bargains.

Gym Ninja had forgotten that Maximuscle were running a special offer a day! YEP! No more waiting around for weeks for something you use to come up on offer as it changes DAILY!

There are THREE offers in fact.

1. The daily specials so all you have to do is click on the link above or one of the banners on this site and see what they have today.

2. £20 off if you place an order over £65.. to get this you enter the special code fof20 at checkout

3. THEN, still being greedy as you are, you can then refer friends. The friends you refer get £15 off if they order over £50 and YOU get £5 per referral if they do that.

Imagine the stash of stuff you can stock up on with all of that eh? So you can see why Gym Ninja got distracted ALL day long...? See? Gym Ninja wants us all to buy the good stuff!!!!  Any of the links on the blog will take you to their site so click away and enjoy the shopping. Feel free to buy extra for Gym Ninja and post it over...GN is on a minus-budget donchaknow!


Recall a few blog posts back, that Gym Ninja has bought some Udo's Choice EFA oil? Gym Ninja has been taking the oil since Sunday. 15mls per 25kgs of bodyweight  is the recommended that is what? 4 days?

Within 4 days Gym Ninja now has the most amaaaaaaaaaazinly soft skin! Like silk! All stroke-able and velvety! Not that Gym Ninja was like a cactus before...but the difference already is remarkable. Gym Ninja also feels she looks a bit more defined too.
Can the oil really work so fast? Maybe yes, maybe it's all in the mind? But if the mind thinks it is working and reacts accordingly then who cares???

Look at the time! An entire day LOST to the computery world........
Report back tomorrow people!

Gym Ninja (super soft) x