Monday, 24 May 2010

Gym Ninja!!!!


It's still sunny........ Marvelous news eh?

Anyone out there having a 'small to medium sized panic' at the thought of having to reveal their body in skimpy summer clothing yet? Huh? Are you sure? It's usually the case when the sun comes out that the gym suddenly gets inundated with people who've not been since the January crush! Lots of last-minute 'Holy schmoly, I need to burn off some of this fat and get into a half-decent shape/size before someone harpoons me in the street and sells me to the Japanese..'
Saying that, the Gym wasn't too busy today. Maybe the thought of sweating like a Ninja pig in the heat was a tad worse than being harpooned in the street?

Anyhow, a bit of heat never stopped Gym Ninja, nosireebob!  GN hasn't trained since Friday and after the BodyPower Expo was all fired up and raring to go!

LEG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

After a day of being 'busy' (an hour-long telephone job interview, job hunting online, some programme prescription etc) Gym Ninja got changed into her gym gear, packed up her Maximuscle shaker and Promax Choc Mint for post workout (nom nom) and set out to the gym....

It was a different start to Friday's session to be fair. GN had forgotten to regale you all with what happened on Friday! GN had grabbed her gym bag and dumped it by the Ninjamobile before nipping back in to the house for something she'd forgotten. Once in the car Gym Ninja hit the reverse and headed backwards...



What was that?????

Gym Ninja got out of the car and suddenly went cold...she HAD put the gym bag IN the boot surely?

Gym Ninja ran (Ok so it's a Mini Cooper, so maybe GN just took 2 steps but that doesn't sound as dramatic now does it?) to the boot and opened it. No bag. There ws no bag behind the car either. Gym Ninja 'strode' (is that better?) to the front of the car to se if the bag HAD been run over and was now at the front? Nope. No bag. if it's not in the boot and it's not at the front OR back, where IS it?

Gym Ninja crouched down.


The gym bag was now wedged under the car. This meant GN had to drive forwards over the bag AGAIN in order to release it...


Gym Ninja ran out of the car to inspect the damage. There, lying on the driveway was a dead carcass of a gym bag. Inside GN's gym bag were 7 small bottles of Lucozade shots she'd bought on promotion for 59p each, an expensive Polar heart Rate Monitor plus a can of Diet Emerge energy drink & her Maximuscle shaker-you can only imagine what GN was expecting to find after running over the bag twice??


Oooh....everything was OK! Remarkable! T'was a miracle!

Anyway, back to today. On route to the gym, GN stopped for fuel for the Ninjamobile. One of those 'Pay At The Pump' garages. GN was busy tapping away her pin code into the petrol pump before filling the car up, when  a white van (*sigh*, typical) drove past and a deep voice shouted out at GN...

"Phwoah, you're in FANTASTIC shape!!"

Gym Ninja pretended not to hear, yet gave herself away as in her flustered state (GN is a bit 'shy' you see) she went to refuel the car without actually picking up the nozzle and was stood at the petrol cap for a good 3 seconds before realising the car won't refuel itself! DUH!

 GN arrived at the gym, slung her bag over her shoulder, swiped the membership card and immediately wedged herself into the turnstile. Damned gym bag will be the death of Gym Ninja!

Once in the changing rooms, she put her bag down and began to sort through her stuff.

"Those showers nearly BURNED me!" Said a voice out of nowhere.....

Gym Ninja turned round and there was an older lady stood next to GN, wrapped in a bath towel and with skin the colour of tomato ketchup.

"They just don't have the right temperature! I nearly burned my scalp!" She continued, showing Gym Ninja a red scalp.


Gym Ninja made a few sympathetic 'sorry you got boiled in the showers' noises in reply to the random lady who'd decided to talk to GN whilst continuing to rummage through her bag looking for her headphones.

"You're NOT going to work out in THIS heat are you?" Enquired the Boiled Lady.

Gym Ninja stopped rummaging through her bag and looked down at her gym clothing.....some people DO ask the most obvious of questions....

Once the workout was underway, Gym Ninja pushed herself to do a 20 minute HIIT run using 1: rest/recovery ratios to blast away her build-up of caffeine she'd ingested earlier. then after sweating all over herself, it was time to begin LEGS!!!!!!

But first GN went to the locker to get her jump rope so she could do intervals between exercises...


Gym Ninja's jump rope was not in her gym bag.

PAH! GN had LOST her jump rope. Buggeroony!

Gym Ninja headed back into the gym and into the womens section for a bit of space.

Another miracle!
See? They DO happen!

There, curled up in the corner of the room like a very thin sleepy snake, was Gym Ninja's jump rope! She'd last used it 3 days ago and there it was, where she'd accidentally left it behind. This meant that GN could intersperse her exercises with some cardio to further add to the burn...

Just as GN was nearly finished having done a fair few exercises, she decided to finish off what was left of any energy her legs had by loading up the Hammer Strength Leg Press...

Yep! 150 kgs! NO, not 150 lbs. Kilograms! Ickle Gym Ninja did over twice her body fact nearly 3 times her body weight. YAY for leg day...............


what did YOU all do today eh?

Gym Ninja x