Saturday, 1 May 2010

The blog with no title


Yep yep yep.

Gym Ninja KNOWS that the last blog signed off with a promise of reporting back the next day with either a spinach bar update, Food Inc DVD update or BOTH.

Gym Ninja also knows that she didn't blog yesterday at all.
Gym Ninja is thus, a Blog Tease.

Sorry about that. The day yesterday had started well you see. Gym Ninja has decided to crank up her workouts for the next week, and decided that she'd get up and go for an outdoor run before sitting down at her desk and working from home (outdoor runs are still a rarity in GN world as she does like her roof/wall combo rather than sky/cloud/other people combo of outdoors).  But Gym Ninja was soooooo tired. She'd stayed up attempting the spinach bar recipe. In went frozen spinach, cottage cheese, egg whites and seasoning. In it all went into the oven for 40 mins.


40 mins later and the spinach sludge was just that. Sludge. Wobbly and non-bar-like. So Gym Ninja let it cook another 15 mins. Hmm, still sludge. GN is guessing she didn't get the measurements of the ingredients right? So she tried it anyway and it was really quite nice...creamy spinach. She ate most of it (bear in mind this was now about 11pm) and then ran out of time to do anything else.

Sleeping with half a tonne of cheesy spinach in one's stomach is not recommended. Disturbs the sleep process. So the next morning Gym Ninja had to force herself to go and run...

But she did! She ran for 40 minutes, getting in her 'LSD' training (long slow duration, or 'steady state cardio' as it's more commonly known as) and felt surprisingly good. Admittedly her eyes, shocked at being up and asked to move around so early, watered like mad! Big watery tears rolled down GNs face and she did get a few 'look at the crying runner' looks from dog walkers but hell, who cares?  By the time she got home she felt fantastic!

Working from home is tough. Motivation goes when facing the internet. But in fits & starts Gn did her work. NO communication off Muppet other than a very brief email though. No list of tasks! That's right, he'd  gone  quiet on GN!  But what is this mind f*ck game he is playing? NO list of impossible tasks? Gym Ninja was expecting to be asked to shave a Woolly Mammoth, collect a bag of nostrils and sprinkle Gordon Brown with desiccated coconut to name but a few things...ah well...

By the end of the day GN was raring to do her second workout, and got dressed and set out to the gym. The second workout would be upper body followed by HIIT (high intensity interval training). Woohooo!!!!!

Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy bounce went Gym Ninja into the gym, still energised from the run that morning.


Her energy left her. Gone! It had all be sucked out of her the moment she walked into the changing rooms! NO!
Gym Ninja pressed ahead with her weights session anyway, trying desperately to use muscular arm/delt tie -ins on random men to motivate and enthuse her. But the more lifting GN did, the more tired she became. It didn't help that she'd accidentally packed her 'girl' clothes. This is the kickflares with the pink stripes down the sides and a pink lycra gym top. Gym Ninja hates wearing pink. She now felt like a girl. She stood in the gym and was immediately in a 2 meter radius of 7 other women in pink and it really made GN feel weak and puny. Goddamit pink, you evil colour! Sucker-outerer of energy!!!!!

After the weights were done (and near the end Gn had to stop for a can of Diet Emerge energy drink which failed to do anything other than fizz into a giant ball of tiredness in GN's tummy) GN ignored her tiredness and hauled herself onto a X Trainer. High Intensity Intervals here we come...

OK. So you are all thinking 'no chance' right? Well you'd ALL be right! No chance indeed! This was an all-encompassing combination of hard run in the morning and too little rest/sleep the night before now showing its true (pink) colours.


With that, Gym Ninja left the gym and headed home (via Tesco which ended up taking ages as GN had barely enough energy to push the trolley).

So you see, today is good in that it is a chance for GN's body to catch up on sleep (check), avoid depleting itself in a tough hour of spin (check), to scoff porridge and carb-load a bit (check) yet to generate energy by expending energy courtesy of an outdoor run (check..well check after GN finishes blogging!). Sometimes you just HAVE To listen to the body!!!

SO...any plans for the Bank Holiday weekend Ninjarettes? Make it an active one eh? Oh and before GN goes...where has the French Ninjarette who reads this blog gone? Not seen your country flash up on the blog stats for a while! Come back you little French person you!

Right.......stop making Gym Ninja procrastinate! She's a run to do..........

Gym Ninja x