Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ninja without a paddle!

Golly Gosh Ninjarettes!

WHAT a day!

Apologies firstly for the lack of blog post yesterday. There was one planned, however Gym Ninja had received a call at 4.30pm Monday from her MD (Big Boss) wanting to know where GN had been? Apparently, there had been a sales meeting.....a sales meeting Gym Ninja knew nothing about so obviously hadn't shown up! EEEEK! To make matters worse, she'd had a bugger of a day thanks to the backbreaking Blandmobile causing the back/neck and arm ache it usually does. So, Monday evening was spent hastily prepping for Tuesday as the MD had insisted Gym Ninja rock up and go through her Sales Forecast at Head Office. Boo hiss! But not before a quick whizz in and out of the gym (fuelled by a pang of anxiety about the missed meeting). Cardio (at the speed of light), plus leg day!

Monday night and it was 1am before GN managed to drift off to sleep due to the arm numbness and neck aching. Damned Blandmobile! Then BING! Up at 5.30am to get on the road by 7am to travel all the way to the office.

HOW GN's back broke on route! Then she had to drag upstairs all her files and computer after 2.5 hours driving! Boo Hiss.

So imagine Gym Ninja's surprise when, faced with the MD ready to go through the sales figures, she was given a letter...SACKING HER ON THE SPOT!

(to be fair, not the first word that sprang into Gym Ninja's head!)

Turns out the MD had decided Gym Ninja's performance wasn't to their standard and was terminating her employment immediately. This is despite 2 deals worth over £200,000 dropping into the office this coming week.
So this is how it is:
NOT ONCE has anyone ever said they were unhappy with GN's performance,
NOT ONCE Had anyone provided further training whenever GN asked for it.
NOT ONCE had anyone done anything about the backbreaking company car.
NOT ONCE Had anyone told GN she was in trouble or about to be sacked.


Wednesday saw a trip to the DRs and a recommendation that she is referred to an Occupational Therapist. Gym Ninja duly reported this to Muppet Line Manager the same day.
Muppet goes awol. No further mention of Occupational Health.
Muppet rings 5pm Thurs to say he cannot make it to help GN with a tender Friday in the office.
Friday and GN does tender and says hi to MD and tells him 2 major deals are coming in. MD does in no way look annoyed with Gym Ninja.
NO word of any sales meeting nor any minutes as per usual. Then a call saying Gym Ninja had missed a sales meeting Monday.
Sacked Tuesday.

Soooooo......anyone spot the 'link'?

Anyone maybe thinking that Gym Ninja, having had no warnings, no verbals, written or otherwise, nor any notification of the true reason for the meeting Tuesday, MAY have been sacked 10 months into her job due to their fear that maybe GN was going to have to take time off sick due to a workplace injury they were aware that the car was causing?


What's that?

YEP! Gym Ninja thinks so too! Coincidence is NOT the word! Gym Ninja had been stitched up like a kipper! Apparently with less than 12 months service a person has NO EMPLOYMENT rights WHATSOEVER! Shocking eh?

So, GN was packed off onto the train home from Sheffield. Charming and yet thank GOD the Blandmobile car was to never hurt GN's back again!

Ho hum. So now what?


Gym Ninja's boss had alluded to the fact he known she'd been studying to be a PT. He had suggested GN's heart wasn't in the boring work job. He'd said that she wasn't part of a team because she hadn't come out for dinner one evening with the rest of them (of COURSE she hadn't as she doesn't eat crap like that does she?). He'd also stated many many times in the 30 minute termination that it was in NO WAY linked to the injury GN had received from the car.

So now GN is thinking........the PLAN B. The Plan B to start  up her own Personal Training Company? Looks like it's now all systems go. Full Steam Ahead. No Holds Barred. All other manner of silly phrases  can be inserted here until you get the jist.  Gym Ninja needs to focus, plan ahead and see what grants are available to the unemployed Ninja's wanting to start up their own business asap.

of course, GN then did have time for a very quick upper body workout at the gym this evening, after all, the photo shoot is Wednesday and no backing out now! GN hopes she can keep the 'stunned' sacked look off her face though..........

OK...toodle pip Ninjarettes. Double check your work contracts and do not think that just because your employers are responsible for safety in the workplace it means that they take their role seriously. Sadly they do not all do so it seems. On a positive note hopefully GN's tingly arms and back pain won't be long term now the Blandmobile has gone (YAY!!!!!!!)

Fingers crossed for GN's photo shoot!!!!!

Gym Ninja x